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More reaction: http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/17556/an-open-letter-to-the-british-council/


I wouldn't count on that being "too hard for the British Council to get on top of the concept of time zones" thing, David. Back in my day six months and a massive and expensive feasibility study (with lots of Venn diagrams) failed to predict the fact that if you moved the day to day management of staff in Manchester to Dhaka, Bangladesh, then somebody asking their boss on a Friday morning if they could take the afternoon off to care for a sick child wouldn't get a reply till Tuesday. Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, in BC speak "somebody write a memo" has always = "somebody write a *minute*". Pompous arses.


Continuing cockup, and true to form the BC makes things worse instead of better: http://tribune.com.pk/story/561052/o-level-papers-leak/

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