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Former BCer

Hi David,
I worked for the BC for three years on a mixture of "taxpayer-funded" and "commercial" projects. The words "financial firewall" were never mentioned. This is because it doesn't exist and is only referred to when making public statements.


Thanks Former BCer - QED. My contention is that the outfit can only operate commercially as long as it has a subsidy. Without the subsidy (and the unique political and institutional support including tax breaks, civil service pensions, closed contracts etc) it would have to compete on a level playing field, and of course it could not.


British Council Nigeria is currently recruiting to the position of Finance Change Manager (FCM) to design and deliver a change management programme,

Specific duties will include:
Work with Facilities functions to develop credible supply lines and vendor management systems for all key material groups including quality supplier appraisal and due diligence ensuring the absence of conflicts of interest and other potential malpractices between procurers and vendors.

Working with the Finance functions to ensure high standards of compliance with payment procedures.

Working with Programme teams to ensure high standards of procurement are developed and maintained, and to improve standards of control and compliance with purchase order management.

Working with the HR functions to ensure that all staff are effectively inducted and trained to deliver resource management processes to high standards of integrity and compliance, as appropriate to their role.

To develop systems that support the achievement of value for money in a high risk, undeveloped, supplier environment.

To liaise with regional finance functions and internal audit to periodically review and evaluate the achievement of change and improvement in resource management to a sustainable high standard, and to review achievement of clearly articulated milestones in the journey to compliance.

To work with the Compliance Assurance Manager to put in place appropriate controls to safeguard the organisations’ resources against fraud and malpractice, and to support operational teams in the effective delivery of their programmes

To develop and manage financial (FCCF) and non-financial (ERMF) risks systems in the Nigeria operation, and provide assurance of effective risk management procedures in the operation.

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