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Endemic at the top, certainly. However, back in my day, the small proportion of people in the lower grades who did what passed for the actual work were paid sod all. And had pitiful employment rights - when the BC moved to Manchester in the early 80s all local staff were taken on on 2-year renewable contracts.


Fair point, Whitst - thanks for that.


The British Council's flagship shared services centre is according to rumour to be underperforming which has led to Bidesh Sarker, CFO being summoned by the Executive Board to explain this fiasco, he should have listened to the staff they made redundant who predicted this outcome.


The high salaries paid to the most senior people in NGOs and similar public sector or charitable organisations are the result of a general craziness that has taken root in recent decades. Of course the BC could pay its DG less but its Board will be looking to attract the 'best" by paying "market rates" and unfortunately those who determine top pay rates often have ludicrously high benefit packages themselves and have no idea of what constitutes "normal' pay.
As a former Council employee I feel sad to see the organisation and its staff constantly denigrated for their supposed failings and greed when I know of so many who have worked hard and effectively, often in difficult circumstances, for fairly modest returns.


Thanks Dave, and a fair point. The business about attracting the best when you have a career BC employee climbing up that particular greasy pole who would be an unlikely board member of a real company or business is clearly mythology. There is no market and so no need to pay market rates. And it's our money anyway.

neil robertson

Davidson's contract was renewed towards the end of 2009 as I remember: there were no other candidates considered as far as I am aware although it is difficult to follow the less than transparent process of contract renewal when Minutes of Board meetings prior to Oct 2009 remain 'temporarily' (sic) unavailable or absent - or in the case of the Dec 2009 meeting are inquorate. Interesting to note that one of the first things the CEO reports on to the Board in 2010 is capping pay of the less fortunate who were unable to get a payrise like him or escape through a generous voluntary redundancy scheme. It all


And this issue, and this individual, features in the latest Private Eye - HP Sauce is on page 8. "One overseas charity where government does have control of the top salaries in the British Council". Read on - buy the 23rd August to 5th September issue.

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