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Mole in the Ministry

Not only is IELTS perhaps unreliable, but it is quite evidently a money making scam for all concerned. British Council offices around the world are making huge profits (surplus, as they call it - how can a charity make a profit?)from their exams businesses, of which IELTS is a mainstay. In many countries, the British Council has a monopoly on IELTS. In other countries, the ability to produce a suitable IELTS result form is a criteria for UK visa acceptance - surely not a case of the Cilla's paymasters (the FCO) helping to ensure a steady flow of candidates? I think we should be told.


In that case, IELTS offices worldwide must be investigated at once.


I have been living in Australia for nearly 4 years and I have English as second language. I sat the IELTS last weekend and It is revolting knowing that how a "reliable" institution hide the results from us by just giving us our score. I have the right to see my exam and my mistakes, and I have never seen anyone complaining about this. To me, it is for sure a money making scam!!!

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