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Just to let everyone not involved with the BC know what is in a typical employment contract with regard to tax. I have had 2 contracts and only the name of the country is different on each.

Income tax
"Your salary and all allowances are assessed as inclusive of any local taxes of whatever kind that may be levied by the Government of (name of country). At present the position is that no local tax is payable on your salary in (name of country). If the host country requires you to pay income tax you must do so, and you should inform the Council. The Council will not adjust your salary and allowances to take account of any such taxes.

Any UK Income Tax charged will be your sole responsibility and will not attract compensation or extra payment from the Council".

and in the main contract pages:
"Overriding Conditions
This Agreement shall be governed by the law of England and Wales".

So, as far as tax is concerned, what other employer puts the onus on the employee to check whether tax is payable or not?


I think that teachers in Vietnam have to pay tax, but I'm really not sure. It would be interesting to know which countries do tax British Council teachers.


For any teacher genuinely concerned about their potential tax liability, one answer could be to employ a local accountant and go freelance. That would put you in charge of your own tax affairs, which is a good deal safer than letting the British Council deal with them for you.

You may of course follow their own worthy example and fly by the seat of your pants. (That is, as I was told, entirely justified by "custom and practice"). Just be prepared to flee the country when the authorities finally catch up with you. I know from experience the British Council won't protect you!

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