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See also the News column on page 6 of the latest edition of Private Eye.

neil robertson

For further background on BAE and
their Hawk jets deal with India:


Neil Robertson

Following the transfer of BAE Systems jobs in Brough to India there was a furious debate in parliament this week and a powerful speech condemning the company for its withdrawal from civil aviation by local MP David Davis. Worth remembering the role of British Council's BAE-sponsored 'teddy bear' school exchanges between Brough & India in this context given that this partnership has now back-fired so spectacularly?


Neil Robertson

Headline treatment would probably not have caught the essence of what local MP David Davis is saying which is a powerful condemnation of the withdrawal by BAE Systems from civil aviation production. Brough is now it seems paying the price of such decisions. It is also worth recalling too the extremely dubious role of British Council in this transfer of employment to India. In recent years they jumped into bed with BAE Systems to promote school-twinning partnerships between Brough and the schools near the plant in Bangalore sending 'teddy bears' and teachers to tour the Indian arms plants which are now stealing Humberside jobs and reporting back on this arms deal to local primary school children. That was of course sponsored by BAE. It is worth pondering the foolishness and indeed the ethics of such a British Council/BAE symbiotic initiative when contemplating the equally astonishing 'World Class' British Council school-twinning links that are advertised daily by their 2012 partners - BBC. [That ad has just been on BBC News Channel again as I type ...] It is of course equally surprising that the BBC carries these adverts across Asia and the rest of the world 'in partnership with British Council' in apparent breach of the BBC's Charter and associated BBC framework documents ?

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