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Sources of funding

It is a good decision to think about portfolio and branded products production. Thinking about investments is giving these second priority.


"Profits"? A slip of the tongue, surely? He'll soon be calling the excess of income over costs "re-deployable surplus" when someone points out that in the real world profits are taxable.


Charity clearly begins at home.


Whatever comes out of the bottom line, I'm sure that the spin masters in Spring Gardens will keep it smelling fragrant.


Crazy thought - do you think the BC will issue shares in itself anytime soon?


This exchange took place at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the British Council in 2005:
Q9 Mr Purchase: On this question of efficiency, I am enormously impressed, Lord Kinnock, with the idea of a 60 per cent return on investment. I think that is quite extraordinary. Can I buy shares?

Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty: You have, you are a British taxpayer.

Purchase was of course making a joke, Kinnock less certainly. But let's see, would you, or anybody, buy shares in an organisation that might lose its tax breaks at home and abroad, and lose its taxpayers' subsidy, lose its pension arrangements and which spends all its money every year? Which moves its officers from post to post to ensure short-termism and lack of expertise? Which operates on the edge of legality, and which depends on an Establishment which is complicit in lack of transparency and accountability? Sell the BC, buy loo paper.

neil robertson

I found this ad for Carapelli oil
.... . looks like a photo montage to me?!


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