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neil robertson

Well said, David! And here are two of the comments on Brown's
speech from the Daily Politics
Show blog of BBC's Andrew Neil:

" 10. At 2:33pm on 23 Sep 2008, Philipa said wrote:

I'm watching Brown's speech - can the BBC get the camera OFF has-beens like the Kinnocks and others. Let's see the bloggers and the journalists reactions as well as the two-faced politicians in cabinet that would stab anyone in the back to get on. The BLOGGERS are the representatives of the people more than some ambitious career politician like Milliband (but admittedly he does have a face you want to punch so very interesting to TV)

Let's see the BLOGGERS. Let's see the people and Andrew let's hear from the people too please.

Complain about this comment

11. At 2:59pm on 23 Sep 2008, neilrobertson wrote:

I see that British Council Chairman Kinnock is clapping away in Manchester as I type -
remind him that some of us workers are still needing that appalling quango to settle its
outstanding bills and adhere to its "values".


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