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neil robertson

Given the grilling the BBC got in this session over using the same idea (a Christmas pudding!) as
Guardian Media Group on the front cover of one of their new food magazines recently (the cover prices also seemed identical!),
I would also be very interested
to see this Committee get on to
the (allegedly) more systematic
development of 'cloned' websites
by British Council as referred to
in John Horam MP's comparatively brief question about this during
the British Council appearance before the UK Foreign Affairs
Select Committee (see above).

The other thing that shines
out from the grilling of the
BBC, however, is that most of
the senior executives giving
evidence here have clearly
paid a lot of attention to
'the four C's' set out in
one of the protocols to the
Charter during its renewal-
and appear to share a public
sector ethos that The British
Council lost a long time ago:


Much of the discussion before the Culture Committee revolved round 5.5 (iv) on "market disruption".

The level of knowledge on both sides of the table during the
discussion here is indeed in
marked contrast to the 'cosy
wee chats' The British Council
seems to enjoy on such occasions.

MPs on other Select Committees need to watch this - and start
doing a slightly more effective
job on their Select Committees!

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