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Thank you for that, David. Now your readers may have a bit more of an idea of the nature of the axe you have to grind. Doesn't change the essentially shitty nature of the BC, though. Just spare a thought now and then for the poor sods who actually have to work there.


Nobody HAS to work there. Yes, I know, we all need to earn money, and when a person's expertise is in the EFL sector, the BC seems to be a highly desirable employer. I thought I would have job security after going to and from Asia on yearly contracts. The BC is not necessarily secure as teaching contracts are usually for 2 years but when the contract finishes, there might not be anything else to move on to. And then there's the incestuous nature of the beast. Many of the same staff moving round and round the world, meeting up and working with 'old' friends, getting a contract 'extended' by being able to apply for an internal post (maybe even essentially the same post with a different title), blah, blah, blah. And then there's seeing what goes on behind the scenes, much of which David has helped to expose on his site. I don't think David knows the one about local staff at one centre being mostly from just two families, and at least one member of one family using a pseudonym so as not to raise any alarm bells in Spring Gardens.

The only regret I have about leaving the BC is that by not being there, I can't challenge anything that's going on. The 'poor sods who have to work there' could do more to expose what needs exposing by using this blog more.

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