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Neil Robertson

"Secondly, we have deliberately targeted a university whose Vice-Chancellor and Principal is a British Council Trustee. "

British Council probably don't know this ... clearly Education
UK don't know this! ... but one
further reason for publicising
this matter is that, of course,
The Prime Minister used to be a Lecturer in Social Sciences when
Glasgow Caledonian was Glasgow's
'College of Knowledge' [Glasgow College] back in the late 1970's!

How embarrassing is that for The Prime Minister's Initiative and
British Council/Education UK ?!!
Airbrushed from his own website.


NB In Brown's day incidentally the Social Sciences courses at
Glasgow College (developed by
David Donald who shared a room
with Gordon Brown - and knows
where he filed his socks ...!)
were the top-rated CNAA courses in the UK as I seem to remember.


It seems that our timing was also impeccable, as it has been announced today that Lord Kinnock, until recently chair of the British Council board of trustees, has been awarded an honorary degree by Glasgow Caledonian. That's very nice. "I have known Pamela Gillies, the vice-chancellor over a number of years. She is a woman I hugely admire, so when she invited me to come here not only was it an honour, it was a great pleasure." Bless. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5gwlMZpQrkaVowAy91E7vUH1Flpag

Neil Robertson

For those unable to find the GCal website on British Council's own
Education UK website let me help:

" Rt Hon Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty was among the global citizens from the worlds of politics, business, psychology and philanthropy awarded honorary degrees at Glasgow Caledonian University in November.

The politician, who was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters in recognition of his outstanding contribution to politics and the promotion of international understanding, was joined by fellow honoraries Allan Alstead, the former chief executive of sportscotland and a tireless volunteer; entrepreneur and philanthropist Azeem Ibrahim, and businessman Bob Cleland.

Speaking at the ceremony before Lord Kinnock’s presentation, the university’s Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Pamela Gillies said: “Lord Kinnock is one of the truly dominant and enduring figures of UK politics of the past half century. He has proven time and time again that he is a man of integrity, principle and compassion.”

Patently ridiculous! Kinnock certainly wasn't 'dominant' in
the 1987 or 1992 UK elections
but there was of course that
dreadful eve of poll rally in
Sheffield perhaps? OH YEAH!!!

He also opposed devolution ..

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