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Love it, David. I'm sure others will contribute to your list. Can I be the first?


Thank you Jane. The original list of values is such an affront to intelligence and experience that I decided that an alternative list was the best approach. Nepotism - I confess I have heard that a few times...



We demonstrate this by:

Not answering the question asked

Replying to a question with PR guff

Refusing to answer any question that might cause us embarassment



We demonstrate this by:

Muscling into other people's business

Pushing our brand to marginalise rivals

Wearing sharp suits to show our superiority


FYI (A message from Rod Pryde British Council, Spain)

Dear All,

Chief Executive Martin Davidson sent out a message at the end of last week to say that he has decided to take some fairly difficult decisions in order to balance the British Council’s budget next year.

In essence, the Executive Board have decided to hold back around £5 million of lower priority investment, and around £10 million previously earmarked for new grant programmes. In parallel, they have decided to freeze our overall global pay bill for the year ahead unless there is a defined legal or statutory requirement to apply an increase.

We don’t yet know what this means for us in Spain. The senior team is now working through Martin’s message, examining the implications for us, trying to get clarity on as many points as possible, and working out what is and what will not be possible.

I will keep you informed as and when the way ahead becomes clearer.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me or your line manager know.

Best wishes.

So, as you see, in order to remain on track in its Scale of Ambition Programme, all British Council staff are having their wages frozen. Very charitable.

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