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"Manchester itself and, for example, Chester and Sheffield – well to the south of Stockport ..."

I hate to ruin your point David, but Stockport - where I've been this very afternoon - is part of the Greater Manchester conurbation on the southern side, is more or less the same distance North as Chester, to where it's connected by the M56, and is well South of Sheffield. I suspect that you're thinking of Southport - people often do.

Your general thesis that the BC doesn't know its arse from its elbow, is, of course, entirely valid.

Keep up the Good Work, and have a Happy Christmas and New Year.


Thanks WhitSt - the support is appreciated. I think it's fair to say however that if Chester, Manchester and Sheffield are in the North, then so should Stockport be in the North. I believe that Stockport is in fact to the north of both Chester and Sheffield - but I won't go to war over it!

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