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neil robertson

I hope you're not implying, David, that the salience of Glasgow Caledonian might be connected with the fact that Pamela Gillies their Principal is on the British Council Board of Trustees overseeing Education UK?

Surely not - she is after all a Dundonian ....!

The complete absence of Edinburgh in the listings might have two possible explanations. Sir Andrew Scoobie Doo who used to be on British Council's Board no longer chairs the University Court at Napier. Edinburgh University's principal Tim
O'Shea - computer scientist to trade - is now
off the BC Board too so no need for Education
UK to curry favour with his university anymore?

Not that any Scottish or Welsh university would
probably put much confidence in Education UK.

According to the latest expense claim declaration by The British Council Chief Executive, Martin Davidson as well as his 'overnights' in London he charged the taxpayer for three trips up to the Scottish capital in 2010: to lobby Vice Chancellors for business, then to attend The Festival - and then to meet The Pope.

In between he felt obliged to bill us tax-payers for a 'Hostile Environment Training' course - in deepest Hampshire - before daring to return to Scotland!

http://www.britishcouncil.org/new/PageFiles/7593/MD%20UK%20expenses%202010%20-%20Word%20version%20_2_.pdf ;


Moi? Perish the thought! But given her position as British Council trustee and as principal of a university gaining a disproportionate advantage from the promotional service that the British Council provides for her sector, she surely has an obligation to introduce some semblance of equity into it. Just how do you program a database to come up with such results though? That is a puzzler.

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