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I am surprised that nobody has picked up on Britain's cultural arms new top advice to the UK civil service on how to pursue cost cutting in the pursuit efficiency savings.

Offshore more GB taxpayers jobs - that's right - offshore - so UK taxpayers will

1) pay around 12 months redundancy cost per civil servant to make them redundant

2) if they have over £16K savings - add another 6 months NI JSA

3) if they have savings below this on sink it all into a pension plan, then straight to JSA for how long?

Nice to see the Council taking the short term aim of offshoring & allowing UK taxpayer to pick up the long term cost.

Isn't it about time this organisation was put up for public auction?


I think there are all sorts of issues surrounding this move, and thank you for drawing attention to it again. There is, I think, something grotesque about a deeply unproductive, inefficient, corrupt and pretty well useless organisation lecturing others on how to save money by exporting British jobs in order to keep themselves in the comfortable style to which they have become accustomed. I willingly accept that there are plenty of decent, talented people employed by the organisation, but that does not mean that the organisation is properly channelled or managed or worthy of public support. For them to export jobs is, frankly, something of an obscenity.

Neil Robertson

Interesting to note that British Council describes the Mubarak regime in Egypt as a 'liberal democracy' ?!


Type of Government Liberal democracy
Head of State President: Muhammad Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak is Egypt's longest-serving ruler since Muhammad Ali in the early 19th century and one of the longest-serving leaders in the Arab world. Aged 77, he gained a 5th term in presidential elections in September 2005."

Neil Robertson



Well spotted, Neil. Completely out of touch with reality and the people. An example of how the organisation crawls and panders to the odious, representing nothing but its own interests.


I meant to send this before but I've been up to my eyes ...

Patrick Watson writes that the BC "is a quango ripe for culling under the Governments (sic) efficiency drive. It cannot for starters prove that it is indispensable. In other words private sector and not for profit providers could deliver most of the services it delivers, if there is a demand for them that is, at lower cost ...".

Earlier this month, the Independent ran a short article (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/british-council-to-help-other-public-bodies-outsource-to-india-2179576.html) announcing that the "British Council is to advise government-funded bodies on how to cut costs and outsource jobs to India...the Foreign Office and the Department for International Development have shown an interest in our experiences...".

The BC moved its finance and IT depts to Delhi last year. Just whose side is it on? Sorry, what a stupid question! It's in its own little (or rather, not so little) world.

When I worked for the BC, I went to India for a short conference and met some teaching centre employees from Delhi. I was amazed that all the staff there (and they had to be British) held Diplomatic Passports. How come? No doubt something left over from the Raj ... Now I don't know all the privileges that go with diplomatic status but for certain there are lots. Of course with outsourcing for efficiencies (aka, cheap labour) there are probably highly paid supervisory roles for a few, too. Isn't it all 'you pat my back and I'll pat yours'? It makes me sick.


The council employed PWc to offshore its finance & IT, no suprise there, the council spend about £23m per year on consultants last year. they even recruited their financial accountant from PWc, brought him over from India & pays about £600 per day for his services, he has been in the job 3.5 years, if they wanted to save money why didn't they recruit him permanently.


Here's another. Any chance of the contract having been put to tender? No, not a chance. Another bloody disgrace.

Neil Robertson

Damned disgrace that this so-called Arab Partnership (sic) is handed on a plate to the - totally discredited -
British Council without competitive tender. Despots
Rule OK it seems?! 'A bloody disgrace' - as you say!

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