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Well spotted and blogged, David. This organisation wants to be everything to everyone, doesn't it? Not the top of my list of cultural relations experts!

Meanwhile, let's drink to a happy something or other... the dissolution of the British Council would be a good start!

neil robertson

It is of course quite ridiculous that British Council enjoys 'charity' status whereas Creative Scotland doesn't .... that anomly becomes even more stark now that British Council Scotland has moved into the 4th floor of Waverley Gate which also houses Scotland's international arts & cultural promotion organisation


British Council Scotland is moving this weekend (21-22 July) to its new premises at Waverley Gate in Edinburgh. Staff will be contactable by email and phone as normal (our numbers and email addresses remain unchanged), but there may be difficulties with IT provision for the coming weeks. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience should this be the case.

neil robertson

I wonder if the creeps from British Council will avert their eyes if they end up having to share an elevator moment with Creative Scotland's Vena Dhupa - who they fired .... :) http://dblackie.blogs.com/the_language_business/2008/04/final-funk-for.html


Nothing wrong with having absolute respect for all other cultures, but this is no more than the reduction of 'religion' to soap bubbles - around which these BC people gather, clap hands and make squealing noises, without anything more than wafer-thin empathy with those they claim to embrace on the UK's behalf.


I completely agree on the ignorance of these British Council idiots. When asked why a teacher decided to show a kissing scene to a class full of Arab Muslim students, her incredibly stupid retort was, they're adult enough to handle it. That's cultural sensitivity for you.

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