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Couldn't agree more, David. This is horrendous news not only for the international students directly affected at London Met but also for the likes of us whose work depends on their business.

So why can't the British Council pull their finger out and get this sorted out? After all, we understand that this organisation is the one that flies the flag for international students and, oh yes, aren't they very close to the government, too?


The British Council is focused on a) pleasing its FCO masters and b) making money for itself, and I don't think fighting this will fit their plans or perceptions. Close to government? Yes, too close.


BBC now reporting the students' distress. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-19419395 The Draconian nature of the punishment is sickening. If the licence had been suspended so no new students were entitled to arrive, would London Met not have moved sharpish to sort everything out? UKBA says this was "not an option". Of course it bloody was.


Love your blog. As always, spot on. EFL industry in the UK is being crushed by these idiots. UKBA is not fit for purpose and BC worse than useless.


Thanks, Anonymous.

Sarah Short

Hear hear David. Very true.


Thank you Sarah.


Absolutely, David. I'm currently doing my annual stint of pre-sessional university teaching. My recently-arrived international students are very worried indeed, and you just know they're wondering whther they should have gone to do their masters programmes in Australia, New Zealand, the US, the Netherlands...

This is not to miss out on the point that London Met are quite possibly a bunch of incompetent arses, conceivably with a strong element in their institutional culture of "it's reactionary/racist to check peoples' visas and/or cooperate with the UKBA", though...

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