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Neil Robertson

British Council really is one of the nastiest, least accountable, bullying organisations around. It is excellent to hear that 'Private Eye' is on their tail.


I just happened upon this blog and read the previous posts about the British Council. You certainly hit the nail on the head with your analysis of the staff survey. On this post though, speaking as an ex-British Council Nigeria staff who just resigned last year I will say there is a lot going on in the Nigeria office that should never happen in an equal opportunity, cultural relations organization. Unfortunately most of it gets swept under the carpet because Nigerians generally (unsurprisingly if we look at the general reaction of people to the leadership of the country since independence) would not fight for their rights. I call it the God factor. Nigerians are mostly deeply religious people and whatever happens in our lives we believe God allowed it to happen so no point fighting. There are quite a number of other reasons people prefer to leave quietly, however, I am happy this ex-member of staff has decided to right the wrong done to him and I hope the case does not "go quiet" as such cases do in the country. It is really quite sad

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