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UK BC staff will interpret his remarks as '40% of you are going to be sacked. The rest of you can expect to be driven into nervous breakdowns doing the same amount of pointless and unnecessary work previously done by 40% more people who were already hopelessly overworked anyway'.


I would expect most people to see that British Council arrogance is certain to take a hit, and not before time. When the "Chief Executive" of such a large organisation can only produce dissembling and the most feeble of excuses, and the laughable judgement that nobody should see the review, you know he must be hanging by a thread.


Love the parody! Haven't been on this blog for many months, but pleased to see you still hot on the case.

If the incompetent, ineffective and utterly unapologetic British Council management is gradually running out of wiggle room, it's no small thanks to you.


Thanks Chris - but perhaps wishful thinking got the better of me there. The House of Lords report on "Soft Power" today is very tender towards the BC - a case of the privileged backing the privileged, so nothing new there, but always disappointing that every opportunity seems to be missed.

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